Commercial, Law and Fiscal Study Poncetta
Commercial, Law and Fiscal Study Poncetta

Contracts advice

Contract law is more and more important as a way to satisfy the most different economic and entrepeneurial needs.

In this socio-economic moment, with a growing complexity of business to business relationships and business to consumer issues, our Study offers consultancy and assistance in contract law, by making those contracts as strictly by law (the typical ones) or by writing contracts "tailor made" (atypical ones).

Our approach evaluates the interest of your business, preventing unnecessary risks for the getting the corporate goals. In particular, our Study follows its Customers:
in finding the right contracts for their firm and the current market;
in making pre-contract deeds (letters of intent, understanding memorandums, etc.);
in the negotiations with the counterparts before writing the contract;
in the making of: the contract, the peculiar and general conditions, and all the attached burocracy;
in the revision or ending of the contract as by the new laws or new Client's needs.

This Study is a consultant for these contracts:
renting, commodate and hiring;
selling and selling concessions;
agency, brokerage and business finder agency;
selling and renting of firms;
industrial supplying;
contract and subcontract;
joint ventures and cooperation agreements;
trade marks and patents;
credit cessions;
leasing and factoring;
advertising, sponsoring and merchandising.